Van Clair

Dealing with a customer is not a race,
a brief, a chance to exploit.
A customer is a challenge to win
together with the customer. Straight to the finish line.

We love to find out…

Van Clair is not the usual event planning agency.
We consider every customer as a challenge,
a series of necessities we will have to understand
and reveal, and to find a shared and
absolutely memorable solution for.

… the features of every customer

What we love is studying our customer
to find out what he needs: we do not stop
looking for answers when we get the first one.
Customers’ non-stop feedback help us to find
the passion, odness, glamour and accuracy
we need to create a memorable Event.

We love to explain …

Every agency has natural comparison areas
between different stakeholders, even if they’re
customers, suppliers or employees: we learned
from experience to always match in
person to find the perfect compromise.

… the features of
every event

Our customers like the way we work
especially for the human touch we put in every event.
We see our guests as people, not just numbers;
we see our structures as places and not only locations,
we see our messages as memories, not just words.

Each service has its path

Van Clair events start from afar.

We listen carefully to what the customer wants.
We plan the strategy together with him and together
we define tactical details. We train to face any possible situation;
we do not like improvisation. We are happy to listen to advice
to improve our work. But the last word is on Van Clair. Trust us.

… and we love to follow it

From the first meeting to the very end of the event,
we put all of ourselves with our passion and know-how
to make the event unique in its beauty. Something exceptional,
engaging, cared, pleasing.

An unconventional experience. Because that is what we are: unconventional.