Van Clair

It is an agency of integrated communication. It can work with communications systems both internal and external. Our core business are Events and their organization.

We define strategic goals, analyzing background and personality of a company. Define the target, we study the concept and we plan logistics to make the best with the budget available. Our skillful coordination of all the technical details will make the event unforgettable.

Our main activity go together with the marketing & communication world. Our goal is to give the brand an extra value through sensory and emotional experience: we make an object of desire out of a brand.

If you just need consulting about the organization of an event, we will be glad to help you, offering our suggestions.

Internal & external communication

Our extensive experience in organizing events allowed us to develop a strong know-how in communications skills, both in product communication and internal communication.

If you have to launch a new product to customers or transmit a message inside the company, our goal is the same: to find the right words, colours, pictures, locations, to make the message clair.

Nowadays employees are the best testimonials and endorsers you can have. One of the things we can do better is to create a pleasant work environment in your company.  This is the first step to make of your employees your first sellers. And we know how to do it.

Not just communication

Our core business is communication & events, but we know also the importance of marketing for modern companies. We realize the perfect marketing mix paying attention to last tendencies: from strategy marketing to the implementation of your digital presence; from the transformation of communication on digital platforms to the use of modern marketing automation processes. We take care of your business in order to sell more and better.

Brand essence

Analyzing your selling proposition and defining your brand essence is essential to penetrate the market. Do not be like everyone else. Be better than the standard.

A brand is not just a logo or a good drawing, It is a matter of details. Every little piece of your communication has to be in harmony with the corporate image: form the graphic style to the concept behind it.  This is what makes your business exemplary.

Visual revolution

Today we are all slaves of the visual world. Communication is made up of pictures, videos, images. No business can thrive without this kind of instruments, that must be connected in a delicate mix.

PR and Digital PR

The reputation of a product or of a company is a fundamental element to influence the market and you sales capability. Analogic and digital positions must be exploited to make a positive attitude to your business. This is an indispensable first step to sell more.

On/off line editorial projects

In the universe of User Generated Content, the company has the chance to produce editorial content both textual or visual. They must be used to affect positively its followers to make them choose your brand. Infographics, books, white papers are tools to transmit information and create engagement around your activities.